Tempers Fly After SG-Registered Honda Hits M’sian Toyota Twice At JB Checkpoint

GTA simulation gone wrong.

For those who constantly travel between Singapore and Malaysia, it’s a stressful experience driving through heavy traffic at the Singapore-Johor Bahru (JB) Checkpoints.

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Facebook page SG Road Vigilante recently shared a video on Sunday (Nov 13) which showed a Singapore-registered Honda hitting the rear of a Malaysia-registered Toyota twice at the JB checkpoint.

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Hit Toyota twice while changing lanes

According to the timestamp of the clip, the incident took place at around 3.58pm.

Several cars were seen stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic along the three lanes leading to the JB checkpoint.

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Traffic jam at jb checkpoint
Screenshot via FB/SG Road Vigilante

At the beginning, the Singapore-registered Honda was tailing the Toyota slightly from behind.

As the Toyota moved forward, the Honda driver wanted to switch lanes and veered towards the right, hitting the Toyota.

The Toyota then immediately sped forward and the Honda did the same by accelerating towards it, bumping into its rear the second time.

Unlike the first bump, this came with much more force, so much so that both cars were shaking on impact.

Drivers exchange heated words

Following the two collisions, the Toyota driver angrily stepped out of his car and walked towards the Honda driver while pointing aggressively towards him.

He was also seen shouting at the Honda driver, who later stepped out of the car a few seconds later.

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Toyota and honda driver argue
Screenshot via FB/SG Road Vigilante

As both drivers began to spar verbally with each other, the video is suddenly cut off.

Watch the clip here:

Who’s in the wrong?

The clip has since racked up 60,000 views and more than 200 comments at the time of writing, with netizens expressing their thoughts over the clip.

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One joked that the Honda driver might have played too much bumper car rides in the past.

Tempers fly after sg-registered honda hits m'sian toyota twice at jb checkpoint comment 1
Screenshot via FB/SG Road Vigilante

Another argued that the clip may not have shown the full story, claiming that the Toyota driver might not have given way to the Honda driver beforehand.

Tempers fly after sg-registered honda hits m'sian toyota twice at jb checkpoint comment 2
Screenshot via FB/SG Road Vigilante

As for this netizen, he said that it was a challenge to drive at the JB checkpoint as it had six lanes merging into three lanes.

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He also called upon drivers to keep calm, use hand signals to communicate, and be gracious to give way to other motorists.

Tempers fly after sg-registered honda hits m'sian toyota twice at jb checkpoint comment 3
Screenshot via FB/SG Road Vigilante

Have you experienced such incidents before at the JB checkpoint? Share with us in the comments!


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