‘He’s just a k*ling!’ Netizen draws fierce criticism for condoning bullying of Indians


Few days ago, a bullying incident which took place at a boarding school made national headlines, where a group of youths were caught punching a classmate repeatedly in the stomach, triggering a public outcry and a police investigation.

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‘He’s just a k*ling!’

When the video went viral on social media, many netizens condemned the incident and voiced their concerns over rising cases of school bullying.

However, one named @roronoa took an entirely different view on the matter, saying that the public shouldn’t pity the victim as he was a “k*ling” (a racial slur used to refer to those from the Indian community).

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In fact, he should be bullied until he died, or else MRSM (Maktab Rendah Sains MARA) would be filled with the smell of k*ling.

K*ling remarks (3)

His comment has since drawn fiery criticism over it overly-racist tone, with many netizens expressing shock over how such words were still accepted in society and some urging the authorities to investigate him.

‘Victims should man up!’

Although the original tweet was deleted, @roronoa (this time as @tonytonyfaris) later released another tweet doubling down on his previous stance and advised bullying victims to “man up”.

This is never ending. As I said before, victims of bullying should man up, build some muscles, and learn how to protect themselves so that others will not harass them.

Bully remarks (4)

He even cited Zulfarhan Osman Zulkarnain, the navy cadet who died after suffering years of bullying, as “an epic example of a weak human being”.

A quick check into @roronoa’s tweets by WeirdKaya also unveiled a long history of racist, homophobic, and transphobic remarks, including one where he called the LGBT community in Malaysia as “rubbish” and suggested eliminating all Chinese and Indian people from the country “with the cruelest method possible”.

Roronoa k*ling remarks(1)
K*ling remarks (2)

Keluarga Malaysia, let’s unite as ONE and stop the venom of racism from poisoning our beautiful country!

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