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Creative M’sians Turn Hannah Yeoh & Adam Adli’s Bukit Jalil Stadium Visit Into Spicy Memes

Our favorite? Definitely the one with Backstreet Boys.

Malaysians are experts when it comes to turning seemingly ordinary photos into absolute Internet gems.

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This time, they showed it once again by producing a list of hilarious memes featuring Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh and her deputy, Adam Adli!

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Visited Bukit Jalil Stadium

On December 12, Yeoh posted on Twitter a photo of of her and Adli paying a visit to the Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Although it looked like a typical inspection, it didn’t stop netizens from flexing their creativity in turning the photo into memes.

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Here are just a few:

1. Teacher: “Where’s your homework? Go stand on the table as punishment!”

2. Ronaldo: “Err bro, can move aside ah?”

3. “Tell me why…ain’t nothing but a heartacheeee~” (Admit it, you probably sang it aloud too!)


Check out the rest of the memes here:

To those who came up with those memes, hats off to you!


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Creative m’sians turn hannah yeoh & adam adli's bukit jalil stadium visit into spicy memes | weirdkaya
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