Remember This Guy Who Claimed To Eat A Puppy? Turns Out It Was Just A Joke

He claimed it was to deter the rescuer from giving dogs to strangers freely.

Just this week, a soya bean seller in Taman Connaught was strongly condemned by netizens after he admitted to eating a puppy he had adopted from an animal rescuer.

Read about it here:

However, as the saying “truth is often stranger than fiction” goes, what looked like a morbid story quickly turned into one that had an epic plot twist to it.

‘Dog’s alive and well’

In an exclusive interview with China Press, Chen Tai Yu (hanyu pinyin) said the puppy was cared for by a worker at a scrap metal factory and that it had since grown into an adult dog.

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Dog still alive
Photo via China Press

When asked why he told the rescuer that he had stewed the dog, Chen said that it was to deter her from giving away more dogs to strangers freely.

She appeared out of nowhere in January last year and asked me if I liked dogs, to which I replied, ‘Yes’.

“As soon as she heard my reply, she immediately took the puppy out of her car, gave it to me, and left without leaving her contact with me,” he said.

Stunned and angered by the encounter, Chen decided to teach her a lesson by pulling the morbid joke on her.

Ran away but later found

Chen also told the Chinese daily that the puppy ran away after spending just one day with him as it was unfamiliar with the surroundings.

After a few weeks of searching, he found it at a nearby scrap metal factory.

Chen tai yu and stray dog
Photo via China Press

“Although the dog approached me when I found it, I decided to leave it behind as someone was already taking care of it and I had no plans to adopt another dog,” he explained.

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Admits he could’ve done better

Chen has since expressed regret over his actions, saying that he could’ve delivered the message better.

“I apologise for the words that I said which caused many to criticise me. For that I’m truly sorry,” he said, adding that some have even filmed him while he was walking his dog at night.

Chen tai yu and stray dog
Photo via China Press

However, he also called upon netizens to not jump to conclusions too quickly and always get both sides of the story before spreading it around.

We hope the doggo will live a happy life with its owner and (hopefully) not become someone’s meal!

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Cover image via Facebook/May Ccus & China Press