Guard Who Barred Woman From Entering SOCSO Building In Penang Gets Fired From Job

The CEO said the guard's actions were beyond the assigned responsibilities.

A guard from the Social Security Organisation (Socso) office in Penang has been temporarily removed from his duties, following an incident where he reportedly denied access to a woman based on the length of her skirt.

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The guard, a member of the People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela), insisted that her knee-length skirt should be longer.

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This action was taken by the Socso management while an internal investigation is underway, according to a report by New Straits Times.

Guard who barred woman from entering socso building in penang gets fired from job | weirdkaya
Photo from New Straits Times

Socso’s CEO, Mohammed Azman, made it clear that the guard’s actions, deemed “moral policing,” were executed without the knowledge of the management and were beyond the guard’s assigned responsibilities.

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The situation came to light when Ajit Singh Jessy, a lawyer, reported that his colleague was the woman barred from entering the Socso office in George Town on June 28.

Despite her skirt reaching her knees, the guard argued it should be floor-length as per the rules.

Ajit recounted that after persistent questioning, the guard eventually allowed them entry but warned that it wouldn’t be permissible next time.

The lawyer raised concerns about how security guards, tasked primarily with maintaining building security, have the authority to enforce public dress codes.


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