‘Go After Foreign Workers Instead!’ – M’sian Woman With Rent Due For 8 Months Snaps At Enforcement Officer

She claimed that she has only RM50 left in her Bank.
A tenant unable to pay her rent lashed out at enforcement officers, expressing her frustration and financial struggles.

According to a video posted on social media platform X, a woman was seen arguing with two enforcement officers, saying, “I don’t even have RM50 in my bank account, how can I pay RM124 for rent?”

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Talking with enforement officer
Image via X/@update11111

Owed 8 months of rent

The incident shows the woman, who allegedly owed eight months of rent for a unit under the Malaysian Public Housing (PPR), expressing her anger towards the officers who came to collect the overdue rent.

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“Why don’t you help your own people? There are many foreign workers operating without permits on the streets, and you don’t bother them, but you come here to harass us!” she exclaimed.

“Don’t just say you’re here to ‘inspect.’ What are you inspecting? I’m struggling right now, and my husband is sick. Can’t you understand?”

Only have RM50 in her bank account

The enforcement officers attempted to calm the woman by explaining that she could reduce her financial burden through insurance.

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“Madam, please listen to us. We are here to help you. The monthly rent is only RM124.” They assured her.

Enforement officer console her
Image via X/@update11111

Despite acknowledging the need to pay rent, the woman insisted that her current financial situation made it impossible to afford even RM124, let alone have RM50 in her bank account.

The officers continued to patiently explain that she could pay the rent in installments.

Netizens reaction

The video has sparked a heated debate among netizens, with some sympathizing with the woman’s plight and criticizing the enforcement authorities for targeting locals while ignoring illegal operations by foreign workers.

Others felt that the woman should not use her Malay identity as an excuse and should make an effort to pay the minimal rent required.

“Tired of the phrase ‘we Malays’, when they themselves don’t want to pay rent. 🤷‍♂️”

Screenshot 2024-06-13 180949
Image via X/@update11111

“Stupid arrogant tenant, already knows they’re poor and struggling but still rude. Try to talk calmly and listen to what the person has to say first.”

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Screenshot 2024-06-13 180959
Image via X/@update11111

“All the comments below are criticizing this sister, how about you guys help her by setting up a fund like the one for the couple on the motorcycle who haven’t married yet. Help this sister and her husband in the video, it’s pitiful because they don’t even have 50 ringgit.”

Screenshot 2024-06-13 181043
Image via X/@update11111

Watch the video here:

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