DJ Gatita Yan And BF Show Off ‘Autopilot’ Feature While Travelling To Ipoh, Now Wanted By Police

Not a smart move.
Malaysian DJ and former OnlyFans creator Gatita Yan is now in trouble with the law after she posted an Instagram story of her boyfriend driving hands-free while making their way to Ipoh.

The story was first posted on Monday (Mar 27), where it triggered a wave of outrage and concern from netizens.

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Gatita yan and wee shen tay
Photo via IG/Gatita Yan

Went ‘autopilot’ mode while on the road

According to the Instagram story, it showed Gatita seated in the passenger seat of a BMW while boyfriend Tay Wee Shen was the driver.

However, instead of keeping his eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel, Tay was seen closing his eyes and taking a quick snooze.

Dj gatita yan and bf show off 'autopilot' feature while travelling to ipoh, now wanted by police
Photo via FB/Tashi Media

Despite the fact that it was a dangerous act, Gatita didn’t seem too bothered by the ‘autopilot’ stunt and even tagged Tay in the story along with a cheeky caption:

Are you sleeping? Hahaha.

Dj gatita yan and bf show off 'autopilot' feature while travelling to ipoh, now wanted by police
Photo via FB/Tashi Media

Police: We’ll arrest them if they’re spotted

Following a public outcry over Gatita and Tay’s dangerous act, the police are now looking to detain the duo for investigation.

Perak police chief Datuk Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri told China Press that it’s illegal engage in acts that jeopardises the safety of other motorists.

He also said that police will not hesitate to nab Gatita and Tay if they were found to still be in Ipoh.

Perak police chief datuk mohd yusri hassan basri
Photo via FMT

When asked whether it was lawful for one to go ‘autopilot’ mode with a branded car, Mohd Yusri said that he’s still in the midst of clarification with traffic police.

While this may be Gatita’s first time being in the headlines for wrong or questionable reasons, the same can’t be said for her boyfriend Tay.
Tay wee shen
Photo via IG/@weeshentay

In May of last year, he was spotted spraying wads of RM50 at a KL nightclub using a Supreme spray gun, where the money amounted to RM10,000.

When he was interviewed regarding this stunt, Tay said that it was all just a marketing gimmick but expressed regret doing it in the first place.

Read about it here:

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