Former World No. 1 Kento Momota Retires From Playing Badminton Internationally

The 29-year-old will play for Japan one last time at the Thomas & Uber Cup Finals in Chengdu.
Kento Momota, a two-time world champion, has announced he’s retiring from international badminton competitions.
Former world no. 1 kento momota retires from playing badminton internationally | weirdkaya
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At 29, Momota is wrapping up a chapter filled with impressive wins, though his career took a tough turn after a serious car crash four years ago.

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2020 car accident severely affected his career

He was injured in a car crash in Malaysia that killed the van’s driver. The accident happened as they were headed to Kuala Lumpur International Airport following Momota’s win at the Malaysia Masters. He sustained a fractured nose and facial cuts but was in stable condition.

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This accident made it hard for him to play like he used to, and he couldn’t make it to the Paris Olympics this time.

But he’s not done yet! Momota will play for Japan one last time at the Thomas & Uber Cup Finals in Chengdu, China, from April 27 to May 5.

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After that, he won’t play in the big international tournaments but will keep competing in Japan.

Kento Momota truly dominated the world of badminton when he topped the BWF rankings.

He has been a major figure in badminton for almost ten years, leading Japan’s team with unforgettable skills.


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