Former M’sian DJ ‘Loses’ More Than RM90mil From Bank Account While On Paris Trip

The case is still being resolved.

We all have heard countless of stories of how many were robbed of their hard-earned money, whether it be through scams or mysterious circumstances.

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A former DJ recently had a scare while he was on a trip to Paris, France, where he was shocked to find that he had ‘lost’ more than RM90 million from his bank account.

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Had RM90mil deficit in bank account

According to a now-deleted Facebook post by DJ Luke, he wrote that he was asleep when he received a call from the bank at 5.18am Paris time.

When I woke up and checked my bank account, I discovered that I had ‘lost’ more than RM90 million.

“There wasn’t any details provided on the transaction record and suddenly this huge deficit is shown (on my account).

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DJ Luke also expressed frustration that he wasn’t able to contact anyone from the bank and said that he would come up with another plan to recoup his losses.

Managed to get in contact with bank

Fortunately, DJ Luke was eventually able to get a hold of a bank manager, who proved to be very helpful in assisting him.

In a recent Facebook post, he said that he set his alarm at 2am Paris time to give the bank a call.

“The manager was very patient in explaining the procedures to me and did all he could to help me,” he said, adding that the case is still in the midst of being resolved.

We hope DJ Luke and the bank will be able to figure out what actually happened!

Last month, a Kuching businessman lost a whopping RM1 million after he answered a scam call for a mere 14 seconds:

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