Former Homeless M’sian Volunteers At Soup Kitchen Which Helped Him Rebuild His Life

For the homeless, life can appear to be a vicious cycle with no end in sight to their misery and pain. Thankfully, there are non-profit organisations who are there to give them the help needed.

One of the recipients of this aid was so grateful for the help he received that he decided to be a part of the organisation and render help to those like him.

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Former homeless M’sian volunteers at soup kitchen who helped him

In a touching Facebook post shared by Kechara Soup Kitchen on June 28, it wrote of a man named Mr S first reached out to them asking for help in securing shelter and employment after he got separated from his family.

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The non-profit organisation graciously responded by helping him land a job at Pusat Transit Gelandangan (PTG) Kuala Lumpur, where he eventually was recommended for a part-time job which provided him ease of transport.

With his life back on track, Mr S chose to show his appreciation by returning to the soup kitchen and working as a volunteer in order to give back to the homeless community.

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“Witnessing the progress of clients like Mr S on their journey to transform their lives brings the KSK team immense joy. With our community’s ongoing support and donations, KSK can continue its mission of assisting individuals in similar circumstances – ensuring that they receive the necessities and opportunities they deserve,” wrote Kechara Soup Kitchen.

We’re glad to see people like Mr S getting their lives together and contributing back to society! If you wish to be like him, visit Kechara Soup Kitchen’s website here.

Not long ago, another ex-homeless man showed his appreciation towards those who helped him by treating them to durians with his first salary:

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