Foreigner Pretends To Be Waste Management Contractor & Goes Around Asking For Angpau 

KDEB has confirmed that the man is not an employee of the company.

In Malaysia, the tradition of giving angpau (red packets) extends beyond family and friends, reaching those working in challenging conditions, especially during festive seasons such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, and Deepavali.

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Man pretends as KDEB waste management contractor

This gesture of goodwill towards those in dirty, dangerous, and demeaning (3D) professions, often filled by foreign workers, took a dubious turn in a Klang neighborhood.

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Man fake as waste management worker
Screenshot via TikTok/Maxx Tan

A local, Maxx Tan, shared his encounter on TikTok, where he confronted a man pretending as a KDEB waste management contractor, asking for Angpaus door-to-door.

Foreigner pretends to be kdeb waste management worker

The interaction, caught on video by Tan, showcases his challenge to the pretender, questioning his entitlement to ask for angpaus and probing for his identification.

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“Where is your passport? Where is your work permit?”

The impostor, initially defiant, ultimately complied, leaving the gated community as Tan documented the departure to alert others.

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KDEB: Foreigner not an employee of the company

The video, which was posted on TikTok, garnered over 2.2m views at press time, with many condemning the foreign worker for impersonating a waste management contractor to ask for ang pau.

Following the widespread circulation of Tan’s video, KDEB Managing Director, Ramli Mohd Tahir shared that the company has initiated an internal investigation, which revealed that the impostor was not an employee despite wearing the company’s uniform.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the investigation traced the video to the second day of the Chinese New Year in Klang.

KDEB’s area manager promptly visited the residents to offer explanations and apologies for the misuse of the company’s uniform, highlighting that uniforms are issued only to employees.

It is understood that some workers had ceased their employment post-COVID-19 outbreak and had not returned their uniforms, inadvertently enabling the impersonation.

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Despite the negative impact, KDEB has opted not to file a police report but has committed to vigilant monitoring to prevent similar incidents.

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