Football Players Attack Referee During Match In Alor Setar

The fight was stopped by people at the scene.
An under-18 football match in the Kubang Pasu district of Alor Setar descended into chaos when a player attempted to assault the referee.

The incident, captured in a video circulating on social media, shows players from both sides clashing before one of the students suddenly pushes the referee from behind.

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As the referee tried to chase the student, several players from the same team also attempted to push, kick, and punch the referee, escalating the tension on the field.

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Attacking referee
Image via X/@pengadilbola

Intervened by spectators

People at the scene physically separated the referee and the player, attempting to deescalate the situation while both sides continued shouting at each other.

Fortunately, the individuals managed to successfully calm the referee and the players, preventing the situation from worsening.

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Following the incident, netizens condemned the student’s actions, deeming such behavior as rude and inappropriate for school representatives in football.

Watch the full video:

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