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foodpanda’s Turning 10 Years Old And You’re Invited To Celebrate At panda paradise!

Join Pau-Pau at the party!

Do you remember the time when the online food delivery (OFD) service was brought to Malaysia to make our lives easier by sending delicious meals to our doorstep without having to drive out or cook?

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Aside from that, it also allows us to purchase groceries via the delivery app. What’s more, express deliveries are now incorporated into the system to make it more complete. 

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Foodpanda’s turning 10 years old and you're invited to celebrate at panda paradise! | weirdkaya
Photo from rohani.com

With such a level of convenience, you might find it unbelievable that we’ve been enjoying this service for 10 years as one of Malaysia’s pioneering food delivery services, foodpanda is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

Over the years, the pink armies of Pau-Pau have been putting their hearts and sweat into providing us with affordable food at the convenience of our homes.

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Monthly promo codes have also been offered to lessen our wallets’ burden, which is the main reason why many have opted for foodpanda’s service.

Join panda paradise party!

To thank customers for their support, Pau-Pau is inviting you (yes, YOU!) to join foodpanda’s 10th year anniversary at Open Car Park Sunway City Kuala Lumpur from 12 to 14 August.

On 12 August (Friday), the party will be from 5.30pm to 11pm, while it will begin as early as 3pm until 11pm on 13 August (Saturday) and 14 August (Sunday).

Foodpanda’s turning 10 years old and you're invited to celebrate at panda paradise! | weirdkaya

You can also look forward to enjoying a range of food and drinks from various restaurants such as Zus Coffee, Texas Chicken, Pizza Hut, Chatime, and many more!

Talented DJs such as HitzFM’s Ean, Arnold, and Zher, along with FlyFM’s Douglas Lim, Natalie and Fifi will also be present to host exciting activities. Along with special performances from artists such as Joe Flizzow, Talitha, DJ Kino, Aida Azrin and BATE.

Don’t miss out on the chance to say hello and take a picture with the cute Pau-Pau at the event as well!

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Enjoy an exclusive discount using the promo code PANDA10 to get 20% off your orders from any of the participating vendors at the event! 

Can’t wait to join the party? Subscribe to pandapro now to get the special event pass. See you there!

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