“Disgusting To Watch” — M’sians Slam JomKita Food Reviewer For ‘Sloppy’ Eating

Many also commented on his body size.

We all love a good food review to make us salivate over delicious food and visit the said restaurant for a meal.

Unfortunately for this food reviewer from JomKita, his actions did the opposite, no thanks to a now-viral video on Twitter.

Food reviewer eats sloppily

In the clip, it showed the food reviewer known as Daddi visiting a Western food restaurant in PJ for a food review along with a few others.

All throughout the clip, they could be seen being served with humongous portions of food which were drowned in sauce.

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Jomkita food reviewer daddi
Screenshot via Twitter/@jomkita

Aside from the portion fit for giants, Daddi was clearly delighted by the food as he eagerly dug his fingers into the food ate heartily, so much so that the sauce went dribbling down his mouth.

Jomkita food reviewer daddi
Screenshot via Twitter/@jomkita

Watch the video here:

‘Lost my appetite immediately’

Though the video garnered 1.4 million views at the time of writing, it didn’t sit well with netizens, who were put off by the messy eating.

Screenshot via Twitter
Screenshot via Twitter

Others also commented on Daddi’s body weight, saying that his eating habits were super unhealthy and a recipe for disaster.

Screenshot via Twitter

JomKita apologises

Following the online uproar, Daddi, whose real name is Rifdi Amri, apologised for his sloppy eating and promised to do better for future food review videos.

I’ll try my best to change how I do my food reviews to ensure there is more etiquette and quality. However, I’m requesting to please stop insulting my physical appearance.

As for JomKita, they expressed regret over the video and said that they will improve their methods in reviewing restaurants.

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Were you disgusted or attracted by the food review video? Let us know in the comments!


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