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“This Is Your First Failure As PM” — PAS Leader Criticises Anwar For Late Cabinet Reveal

"He made his first failure in just one week."

A PAS leader has taken prime minister Anwar Ibrahim to task for taking more than a week to announce his Cabinet line-up, saying that it was his first “failure”.

‘Where’s the Cabinet?’

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He also questioned how emergency funds would be given out and managed for rescue missions and aid to those affected by floods if no minister was appointed for the task.

“This will force the government to make critical decisions during such crises, which would be very unwise for the prime minister to do it alone,” he said.

‘Your first failure as PM’

Zuhdi then went on to criticise Anwar for the delay in revealing his Cabinet, saying that he “very slow” in doing so.

“PH was outspoken in opposing holding the general election because of possible floods. Now, floods could be happening soon, but the prime minister has yet to prepare his machinery.

What’s clear is that he has been busy with social activities rather than quickly activating his administration’s machinery. In just a week, he has made his first failure.

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Zuhdi also added that further delay in naming the Cabinet would affect the passing of the Budget 2023.

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It’s widely speculated that Anwar will announce a partial list of his Cabinet members before 6pm after meeting the Agong today.

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