‘Felt Like Culture Shock!’- M’sian Surprised By RM1.50 Nasi Lemak Which Had A Whole Egg

A whole egg. That's rare.
Amid the current economic climate, witnessing a surge in commodity prices, it’s hardly surprising to see traders seizing the opportunity to hike up their sales prices.

This move is often justified as a means to cover the costs associated with raw materials, labor, and other expenses.

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However, a video uploaded by a TikTok user, @damianajunpakartilam, has caught the digital community’s eye due to the shockingly affordable price of nasi lemak purchased at a food stall in Kuala Kedah.

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A culture shock

Imagine, a generously packed standard serving of nasi lemak priced at merely RM1.50!

'felt like culture shock! '- m'sian surprised by rm1. 50 nasi lemak which had a whole egg | weirdkaya
Screenshot via TikTok/ @damianajunpakartilam

“I swear, it was a total culture shock visiting Kedah. Is this how it is here? A whole egg, not just half,” the user expressed in the post.

The video showcases the nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf, complete with sambal, cucumber, anchovies, fried peanuts, and, most astonishingly, a whole boiled egg.

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The individual was taken aback when, after paying with a RM5 note, they were handed back RM3.50 in change, prompting them to double-check the price of the nasi lemak for confirmation.

The shock continued as they discovered that most raw goods were remarkably cheap in the rice-bowl state.

“In Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, RM1.50 might only get you two anchovies or an omelet the size of a SIM card,” remarked the user.

“Mackerel costs RM4 per kilogram here. My husband and I were absolutely floored upon hearing that. Two eggs in roti canai, two plain rotis, a hot coffee, and a hot tea cost just RM7.90,” they added.

This individual’s sharing went viral, amassing over 460,000 views, showcasing the stark price differences and the value for money that can still be found in certain parts of the country.

@damianajunpakartilam Memang macam ni ke kat Kedah?? Telur tu sebijik bukan separuh 😭😭 #kedah ♬ Dawai (From "Air Mata Di Ujung Sajadah") – Fadhilah Intan


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