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‘Feels Like A Scam!’ – M’sian Woman Shocked By How Little Fillling Her Cream Bun Had

'Maybe they ran out of cream.'
In our daily lives, the concept of reality versus expectation is a common occurrence, and food is no exception. While we understand that advertised products might not always be perfect, sometimes the discrepancy can feel like a scam.

This was the unfortunate experience of a woman on TikTok, posted by @ayyrnz, who recently bought a cream bun from a well-known brand.

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Typically, when we purchase a cream-filled bun, we anticipate a generous spread of flavoured filling inside.

Undefiilled cream bun
Screenshot via TikTok/@ayyrnz

However, this woman’s experience was quite the opposite. When she split the bun in half, she found the filling to be minimal and unevenly distributed. The cream did not even cover half of the bun.

Undefiilled cream bun
Screenshot via TikTok/@ayyrnz

Expressing her frustration, she said, “Guys, earlier I wanted to eat this bun. You know, this type of bun is supposed to be split in half, so you have to open it like this, right?

But look inside, I got scammed. What is this? Can someone explain? I might as well have bought an empty bun.”

‘You know how it is when a woman is hungry’

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Ayra, the poster of the viral TikTok video, shed light on her experience and feelings following the incident.

When questioned about whether she lodged a report after the disappointing bun incident, Ayra revealed that she did not. Surprisingly, she had never filed any complaints prior to posting about this incident.

When asked whether she was traumatised by the bun from the brand, Ayra responded, “I think so, because I felt disappointed.”

Ayra further elaborated on her feelings, stating, “I felt disappointed because I was hungry, and you know how it is when a woman is hungry, it can make you feel angry.”

Reaction from netizens

Her lament resonated with many netizens who were quick to share their thoughts in the comments section.

Netizen comment
Screenshot via TikTok/@ayyrnz

One user sympathetically joked, “Pity you. Try to be positive; maybe it was the last bun and they ran out of cream.”

Another user offered a different perspective, suggesting, “Maybe you got one where the worker forgot to spread the cream properly because I often buy this flavour and it’s always fully spread from top to bottom. I’ve never gotten one like this.”

Netizen comment
Screenshot via TikTok/@ayyrnz

A third commenter speculated, “The worker must have been busy chatting, forgot, and just sealed it up.”

Watch the clip here:


hmm roti pun dah main scam ii skang

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