Farm Fresh CEO Claims Astro Cut Back On Its Ads Despite Spending Millions On Sponsorship Deal

'Astro needs to treat us better' - Azmi said.
Securing screen time for sponsored products on television is a valuable opportunity as it holds the potential to engage and captivate mass audiences.

That being said, the CEO of Farm Fresh recently took to Facebook to publicly accuse Astro for allegedly cutting back on the ads shown on television, a move which he saw as a lack of appreciation over its role as the main sponsor of ‘All Stars Gegar Vaganza’ (ASGV).

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Farm Fresh CEO rants about lack of screen time

In the post written by Azmi Zainal, he shared his challenges in promoting Farm Fresh’s products within a limited time frame.

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Azmi zainal's representative opened a suitcase with his products to another person at a show.
Photo via FB/Azmi Zainal

He also claimed that several video clips produced for the show were not utilized as well, causing him to become angry.

Last week, a one-minute clip got cut and I was so mad during the event. After the segment was over, I went to the operation room to seek an explanation.

“We’re already in the fifth week and we need to think about what to do this week. For me, this one-minute video was extremely valuable,” he wrote.

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Ceo of farm fresh,azmi zainal, at the all stars gegar vaganza show
Photo via FB/Azmi Zainal

Azmi also claimed that Farm Fresh had to pay millions of Ringgit to secure the main sponsor role, joking that the amount was so huge that he “had to milk (his) own cows”.

‘Astro needs to treat us better’

Azmi then turned his frustration towards Astro’s handling of the matter, saying that it should treat its sponsors better.

“Selling milk is not easy and I only have one minute to capture the attention of 6 million viewers.

Since they (Astro) have accepted us as sponsors, they should treat sponsors well. I chose to sponsor not for my own prestige but to boost sales.”

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