Ex-M’sian Beauty Queen Reaches Top Of Meru Peak In Nepal Despite Losing Finger To Frostbite

Scaling treacherous mountains is a feat everyone would look to achieve, but it takes lots of perseverance and physical toil to do so.

Recently, history was made by former Malaysian beauty queen Datin Harveen Kaur following her successful ascend of Meru Peak in Nepal back on April 11.

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However, it came at a personal cost — the loss of her finger.

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Climbed Meru Peak alone

Taking to Instagram to share her experience, Datin Harveen wrote that she left for Nepal from KL alone to embark on her quest of conquering Meru Peak, which stands at 6,470m above sea level.

During her journey from the Base Camp to High Camp, Datin Harveen said the weather began to worsen when she was just an hour away from the High Camp.

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It started snowing heavily, zero visibility, clouds were dark and in a blink of an eye, the temperature dropped to -25 /-27 (degrees). My Sherpa asked me: ‘Shall we turn and go down to Base Camp? How are you feeling?’

“I looked back behind of me (trust me it was exactly like in the movies, so scary) and looked back at him and told him that the journey up is shorter compared to the journey down,” she wrote.

Datin Harveen added that while she didn’t experience any dizziness or headaches while climbing up, she felt her fingers tingling and put on two glove liners and a pair of thick gloves.

Lost left finger to frostbite

Datin Harveen also write that while Mera Peak wasn’t “the most challenging climb in the world”, its steep terrain, extreme altitude and glacier travel was still daunting for her, given the fact that she only began climbing a year ago.

Furthermore, the extreme cold caused her to suffer from frostbite, which eventually led to her losing her left finger.

However, this didn’t stop her from fulfilling her dream of scaling the treacherous terrain of Meru Peak.

This indeed is a big achievement for me despite losing one of my left finger to frostbite. I guess the Almighty loves it more,” she quipped.

This marks Datin Harveen’s second successful climb, with her first being Mount Kilimanjaro, where she reached the Uhuru peak at an elevation of 5,895m on Sept 24, 2023.

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It also earned her a spot in the Malaysia Book of Record for being the ‘First Beauty Queen to Summit Mount Kilimanjaro’.

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