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DSV’s 19yo Daughter Sad Over Getting Only 3 Duit Raya Packets This Year 

"When they see me, they always ask me for Duit Raya instead," she added.
Despite her affluent background as the daughter of entrepreneur Dato’ Seri Vida (DSV), 19-year-old Cik B found herself in tears this Raya due to the scant number of green packets she received.

In a video uploaded on TikTok, she disclosed that only three people gave her Duit Raya, leaving her feeling left out of the festive spirit.

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Cikb_duit raya rant 01
Screengrab via TikTok/Cik B

Please don’t ask me for Duit Raya; do you all know that I only received green packets from three people only this year?

Cik B also expressed her longing for the joy that comes with receiving these packets, emphasizing that it’s not about the amount, but the festive sentiment attached to them.

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Cikb_duit raya rant 02. Png
Screengrab via TikTok/Cik B

‘They ask me for Duit Raya instead’

With her mother’s well-known wealth, friends and relatives have tapered off in giving her these packets.

When they see me, they always ask me for Duit Raya instead,” she added.

She pleaded for understanding from netizens, clarifying that her expectations were modest—happy with even RM1 or RM2 —as she still considers herself a child at heart.

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The video quickly went viral, amassing over 120 views by press time. Some viewers sympathized with her desire to experience the joy of Eid like other children, while others suggested that her family’s wealth should accelerate her maturation, hinting that she should not dwell on such matters.

Cik b sad over only receive 3 duit raya_comment 01
Cik b sad over only receive 3 duit raya_comment 02
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