We Drove 1 Hour To Try The Fried Chicken At DFC So That You Don’t Have To

Not our type of distance.

First thing first, let’s be clear, you’re definitely welcome to visit DFC Restaurant if you’re nearby or up for a drive to Rawang.

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Dfc exterior
Photo by WeirdKaya

But before you set out on that journey, here’s a review from our perspective to help you decide whether it’s worth investing your time and energy.

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We took the miles because we were really curious about how this viral local fried chicken tastes and here’s what we think.

Most importantly, the Taste

Let’s start with the fried chicken. The size of the pieces is quite large, especially the drumsticks, elongated and robust due to a unique cut near the foot.

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Dfc chicken drumstick
Photo by WeirdKaya

The skin of the fried chicken is always key. DFC’s fried chicken has a thicker and harder outer layer, and when you bite into it, the graininess is quite prominent.

Hard fried chicken batter dfc
Photo by WeirdKaya

One of our colleagues described it very accurately as being very much like the Indian snack Murukku, with a hard texture but a strong spice flavour.

Dfc meat
Photo by WeirdKaya

The chicken’s meat itself was tender, juicy and decently flavourful but not explosively; it’s just okay.

However, the real star for us was their garlic sauce—perfectly balanced, not overly garlicky, with a touch of mayonnaise. This sauce proved to be a secret weapon, adding a significant layer of taste that elevated the chicken from average to good.

Dfc chicken with garlic sauce
Photo by WeirdKaya

However, our experience with the sides was less thrilling. The mashed potatoes suffered from a small portion size and an overly sweet taste, lacking the creamy smoothness we had hoped for.

The coleslaw, too, left much to be desired with its finely chopped veggies and bland, confusing dressing.

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Side dishes dfc
Photo by WeirdKaya

And then there was the soft drink saga—what should have been a simple, foolproof part of the meal turned out to be surprisingly underwhelming. The cola lacked its characteristic fizz and flavour, tasting almost medicinal, which was an unexpected letdown.

Dfc corn rice opened
Photo by WeirdKaya

We also ordered the corn rice which had a bit of a Nasi Briyani flavour, was buttery, somewhat heavy, and the texture was on the dry side.

Beyond the food

The ambience of DFC is straightforward, with a minimalistic decor spread across two floors. We ended up on the upper floor as the lower was bustling with diners.

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Dfc bustling with diners
Photo by WeirdKaya

Maybe because it is new, the place had a slightly stale air and the occasional fly, though the staff did their best to keep the area clean and welcoming.

Dfc person cleaning table
Photo by WeirdKaya

Service, while average, was strained under the weight of the crowd. We experienced a significant wait time of about 30 minutes for our food, but the staff had been upfront about this, which helped set our expectations.

Price and Value

In terms of pricing, DFC aligns with many fast-food chains, offering some competitively priced combo meals that provide better value than individual items.

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Dfc menu
Photo by WeirdKaya

For example, the RM16.60 Barka set meal, which includes two pieces of fried chicken, one coleslaw, one mashed potato, and one drink, represents significant savings over ordering these items separately.

Additionally, the spelling errors in the menu that have been circulating online are true, such as ‘potato’ becoming ‘patato‘, ‘coleslaw’ becoming ‘coleslow‘, ‘chocolate’ becoming ‘choclate‘, it’s just not clear if it’s intentional or a casual style on the part of the business.

So was it worthwhile overall?

Considering the distance and the mixed bag of culinary hits and misses, a special trip to DFC might not be on the cards for everyone.

If they expand closer to urban centres and focus on refining their offerings, it might be worth a revisit.

For now, though, unless you’re a fried chicken aficionado or find yourself in Rawang, you might prefer to explore other options closer to home. Our verdict? Curiosity was satisfied, but we’re not rushing back.

Watch our review here:


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