‘15% Cheaper Than Our Competitors’ – DFC Defends Pricing Amid Harsh Criticism

"We ensure consistency in the size of the chicken pieces served."
In the face of criticism regarding DFC’s fried chicken prices, DFC’s CEO in claims that their prices are actually cheaper than their competitor in the market.

According to Sin Chew Daily, in a recent press conference, Mohamad Fiz Zudi, CEO of DFC, emphasized that after a thorough market review, DFC strategically priced its products to be both affordable and generous in portion.

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Dfc meal

15% cheaper

“Our prices are actually 10% to 15% lower than those of its competitors, including well-known global fast-food chains.“ He said

Despite facing inflation and fluctuating raw material costs, Zudi assures that DFC maintains fair and customer-friendly pricing.

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He also mentioned ongoing discussions with suppliers to ensure consistency in the size of the chicken pieces served.

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