M’sian Woman Upset By Donut Which Was Burger Bun With A Hole In The Middle

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more common for dishonest vendors to cheat customers of their money by selling them something that’s completely different from what’s advertised.

A woman in Kelantan found herself being the victim of deceitful business practices after she was sold a donut which wasn’t a donut at all.

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Bought donut which was burger bun with a hole in the middle

In a lengthy Facebook post shared by the woman named Fatimah Mulyati on Saturday (Feb 24), she said she bought a strawberry-flavoured donut at a food expo in Bachok for her child.

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To her horror, she discovered that the donut wasn’t technically a donut but was actually a piece of of burger bun with a hole in the middle to pass off as one.

Confronted vendor over ‘fake donut’

Feeling cheated, Fatimah went to confront the vendor who sold her the ‘donut’, who replied her:

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Eh, we sell bread dipped in chocolate, not donuts.”

Frustrated by the vendor’s answer, Fatimah told him to come clean with what he was selling and not deceive consumers.

This isn’t a donut. This is bread dipped in chocolate and you’re charging me RM3 for it. If it’s bread, just say so. Donuts don’t look like this at all.

Fatimah also said in the post that the vendor even asked a staff whether what he sold was bread, which left her puzzled and wondering if the vendor knew what he was selling in the first place.

“It’s frustrating to see vendors being dishonest while running a business. Pity my child who ate the fake donut. Please don’t do this to others or else your earnings will not be blessed,” she wrote.

WeirdKaya has reached out to Fatimah for a comment but has yet to receive a reply at the time of writing.


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