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“Don’t use hands to eat rice!” Former British royal aide’s tweet draws fiery backlash

Every country practices its own culture.

Eating with the hands is a common sight in Malaysia, especially among the Malay community. Some Malay restaurants do not even provide cutleries but will instead place a plastic kettle on the table so that we can use it to wash our hands before and after the meal.

Grant Harrold (Picture via Daily Record.UK)

However, the former butler of the British royal family, Grant Harrold, seems to think otherwise, advising people not to eat rice with their fingers in a Tweet on Saturday (March 6).

This has inevitably provoked the wrath of the Southeast Asian community, who found it to be rather condescending.

According to Harrold’s Twitter profile, he is a British etiquette expert, broadcaster, and a former Royal butler for the Prince of Wales from 2004 to 2011. He had also worked for both the 14th and 15th Duke of Bedford as well.

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“Ladies and gentlemen, remember we always use a knife and fork or chopsticks to eat rice! We do not use our hands or fingers!!!”

His Tweet was quick to earn him new ‘enemies’ from the Asian community, with one pointing out that even Westerners use their hands to eat burgers.

Some even suggested that Harrold “wash his bu*t with water first” before airing his opinions.

Twitter user @Shayonnita15 wrote, “Life is better without cutlery and buttlery”, subtly suggesting to Harrold that he should ‘butt’ out of Asian affairs and get a life.

Another user said that since every country practices its own culture, one shouldn’t dictate what he/she can or cannot do.

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To make matters worse, Harrold retweeted the original post to his own profile the following day, inviting more scorn and ridicule as a result.

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