“Feared For Our Lives” — Local Girl Group Dolla Shaken By Encounter With Men Claiming To Be “Cops”

The Serdang police chief later revealed the men were indeed real cops.

We all believe that police are supposed to make citizens feel safe and not be wary or threatened by their presence unless a crime has been committed.

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Unfortunately for local girl group Dolla, they had a rather unnerving experience with three men who claimed to be policemen.

‘We thought they wanted to rob us’

On Wednesday (Dec 21), Dolla took to Twitter to share the frightening encounter while they were waiting for a ride home after their dance rehearsal at 11.30pm.

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While waiting, a red Proton with three men inside suddenly pulled up next to them, rolled down the window, and gave the group a stare which made them uncomfortable.

We were scared for our lives, thinking they were going to rob us.

“They ‘claimed’ to be policemen but they didn’t wear their uniform, nor did they show their police badges or drive a police car,” the group wrote.

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Malaysian police in uniform
Photo via Yahoo News

Had photos of them & ICs taken

The self-proclaimed ‘cops’ then proceeded to grill the Dolla members about their nationality and demanded for their identification card (IC) as confirmation.

They immediately started to interrogate us and asked what we were doing in this area and if we were Malaysians, and they immediately took our IC.

“They even secretly took photos of us and our ICs without our consent.”

When one of the members named Syasya questioned the men over the reason for the sudden interrogation, one of them gruffly responded, “Why not? We are the police.”

This made the girls rather fearful and confused as they believed that they didn’t do anything wrong to be treated in this manner and they were all by themselves by the street.

However, when the men spotted a car stopping not far away, they quickly gave Dolla their ICs back and drove away without explaining the reason for the interrogation.

At the end of the thread, Dolla asked for advice over what to do if they ever came across a similar situation and urged women to be stay safe while outside.

Read the tweet here:

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Police chief: ‘Legit cops stopped Dolla’

Following Dolla’s claim on Twitter, Serdang police chief ACP A Anbalagan issued a statement dismissing that fake policemen had stopped them that night.

“The three policemen were carrying out surveillance at entertainment outlets and crime prevention in the Puchong Jaya area. 

“They had introduced themselves as policemen and showed their authority cards before requesting the identity cards of the four women to check if there were any criminal records,” he said as quoted by Bernama.
Serdang police chief acp a anbalagan
Photo via NST

Anbalagan added that Dolla was interrogated by police as they were found to have “acted suspiciously” but were free to go after it was determined that they had no criminal intent.

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If you find yourself getting stopped by police, stay calm and seek for legal assistance if you believe you’ve been unlawfully detained!


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