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Does Having A Bad Temper Give Police Officers The Right To Act With Violence?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like we'll have the answers anytime soon.
(Un)Popular Opinion | Those in authority are expected to protect and serve the community, as well as be fair and kind to all. Sadly, the men in blue has been in the news for all the wrong reasons – be it abuse, bribery, or assault.

In light of this troubling development, I want to talk about my thoughts on police behavior, specifically about the case where a 17-year-old student was rammed with a car by a police officer.

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‘It’s my pleasure to hit him’

17yo muhammad zaharif affendi muhd zamrie dies after rammed from behind by police officer
Photo via Majoriti

If you’ve already forgotten what the case was about, a student named Muhammad Zaharif Affendi Muhd Zamrie lost his life after a police officer named Mohd Nazri Abdul Razak allegedly rammed into him from behind with his car and dragged him for several metres.

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The reason? Mohd Nazri apparently couldn’t tolerate the loud noise emanating from Muhammad Zahari’s motorcycle and even reportedly said this following the tragedy: “It’s my pleasure to hit (him).

His wife, a teacher from the high school where the victim was a student, defended him by claiming he had a bad temper.

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Innocent till proven guilty…not?

As a member of the public, I’ve personally seen how some police officers act in ways that don’t match or align with what they’re supposed to stand for.

It’s sad to see a gap between what they have been tasked to do (protecting the innocent) and what they actually do in real life (resorting to violence). It’s almost as if the ones meant to be fair aren’t always fair themselves.

Police hit the okt (accused) ibu pejabat at polis daerah klang selatan
Photo via Sinar Harian

The idea that you’re “innocent until proven guilty” when dealing with the police is a scary experience, and the aforementioned tragedy is a very good example of how much harm is done to the one who wasn’t given a chance to defend himself.

The accused faces violence even before it is proven that they have done anything wrong and what worries me is that the real bad people get away scot-free while the innocent suffer.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we’ll have the answers anytime soon.

Bad temper can never be an excuse

While Mohd Nazri has been charged with murder and is currently awaiting his sentence, this incident has got me thinking of how important it is to talk about how having a bad temper should never be an excuse for violence.

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M'sian police hit woman inside the lift
Photo via MYKMU.NET

In my view, those in law enforcement are given the power to protect and serve and they should never use it as a license for aggression.

Furthermore, having a short temper is never a legit reason to treat people with violence. I strongly believe that being accountable for one’s actions, no matter the profession, is crucial for maintaining trust between the public and those responsible for upholding the law.

When a lack of self-control of one’s temper leads to unnecessary violence, it undermines the very foundation of justice.

May this tragedy not only serve as a sobering reminder of the consequences that come when one fails to keep his anger in check, but also how it threatens to tear apart a key fabric of society itself — trusting that those in authority will carry out their job without fear or favour.

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