Doctor shares revolting photo of phlegm taken from a young COVID-19 patient’s throat

Just a glimpse of what COVID does in case you thought a mask was uncomfortable.

 KUALA LUMPUR – A doctor recently shared a shocking image of a chunk of phlegm that was extracted from a COVID-19 patient on Facebook.

Hana Hadzrami, an anesthesiologist at Hospital Kuala Lumpur, said the semi-solid phlegm had covered the throat of the patient who was treated in the ICU for more than two months.

Photo via FB/ Hana Hadzrami

“The patient had landed himself in two ICUs, one being a COVID ICU and the other a non-COVID ICU.

“He was too weak to expel the phlegm, causing it to dry out and clog the airways. Fortunately, medical staff managed to extract it during the reintubation process.

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Hana emphasised at the end of her post that the patient was young and that COVID should not be taken lightly.

Still think COVID is just a ‘normal flu’?”, she wrote.

The post has received more than 1.5k reactions, 555 shares and 18 comments.

You can read it here:

Looks like dead lung tissue’

Netizens were repulsed by the picture, with one asking Hana whether the phlegm was dead blood cells, to which the latter replied by saying that it was also combined with dead lung tissues.

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Another shared her personal encounter and warned about COVID’s devastating reality.

Another expressed her worry if this were to happen to her children.

We have witnessed enough heart-breaking incidents to realise that COVID is real. Therefore, please follow the SOPs and stay safe!

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Cover Images via FB/ Hana Hadzrami

Author: J.W Chan
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh