Daughter Of Negeri Sembilan MB Gets Married In Elaborate Chinese And Malay-Styled Wedding Ceremony

Multiculturalism on full display.
As a country of different races and cultures, it’s not uncommon to see wedding ceremonies intertwining two very different cultures in order to reflect the beauty of Malaysia’s multiculturalism.

Just last week, Negeri Sembilan MB Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun was able to witness the beautiful union between his daughter and her Chinese husband, which was carried out in an elaborate Chinese and Malay-styled wedding ceremony.

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Negeri Sembilan MB’s daughter gets hitched

In a Facebook post shared by Aminuddin last Saturday (May 6), he wrote that the akad nikah ceremony was attended by close friends and relatives.

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With joy beyond words, I would like to announce that my daughter, Nur Amalina Aminuddin, has legally become the wife of her heart’s choosing, Ting Jian Hang this evening.

“The wedding ceremony, which was held in a cheerful and happy atmosphere, was attended by our close friends and family,” he wrote.

According to The Star, Aminuddin’s 29-year-old daughter Nur Amalina is a year younger than her husband Ting, and that the both of them are oil and gas engineers who work for different companies.

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The Negeri Sembilan MB also expressed hope in seeing his daughter and son-in-law enjoy a long and happy marriage together.

“When two people from different backgrounds get married, it not only brings them happiness but also brings beautiful and unique cultural diversity. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to experience uniqueness through my daughter’s marriage,” he said.

Best of both cultural worlds

In a series of photos shared by Aminuddin on Facebook, it also put Malaysia’s rich diversity and multiculturalism on full display.

Both Ting and Nur Amalina were seen participating in the tea ceremony, which is a vital component of wedding ceremonies among the Chinese community.

The couple were also spotted wearing traditional Chinese gowns during the ceremony, with Nur Amalina donning a qun kwa – a two-piece traditional wedding gown with a brocade jacket along with a long skirt and headscarf decorated with a floral pin and Ting wearing a red ma kwa.

As for the akad nikah ceremony, Ting wore a light-coloured baju Melayu paired with kain samping and songkok, while the bride opted for an all-white modern baju kurung.

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Family members from both sides also posed together for group photos, further accentuating the auspicious atmosphere.

Congratulations to the newlyweds and we wish them a long and happy marriage!


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