Shady Motorcyclist Tries To Scam M’sian Driver, Chickens Out After Seeing Dashcam

F for fail.

Having a dashcam is very important nowadays as it can save you from both road bullies and scammers.

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A driver recently saved himself from a motorcyclist who tried to scam him at a traffic light in KL, all thanks to his humble dashcam.

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Attempted to scam driver

In a video posted to the Facebook page  我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians, it first showed the motorcyclist waiting at a traffic light next to the car at Kepong Maluri, KL.

After stealing a quick glance, the motorcyclist suddenly shifted the vehicle to the front of the car, making the entire situation extremely fishy.

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After a short while, the motorcyclist suddenly reversed and hit the car. He then got off and began making angry gestures with his hands and demanded that the driver step out of the vehicle.

However, the gig was finally up when the driver informed the motorcyclist that his dashcam had recorded everything, causing the latter to put a halt to his antics.

“After I warned him about my dashcam, only then was he willing to get back onto his bike and go,” wrote the driver.

Despite his failed attempt, the motorcyclist refused to give up and even tried to argue with the driver, who was forced to blare his horn and get the motorcyclist out of his way.

Watch the video here:

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