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Crocs Shoes Gets Stuck Within Escalator Again At M’sian Mall, Staff Struggle To Get It Out

Beware of the edge of the escalator!
Have you heard that you shouldn’t wear Crocs on an escalator because they can get stuck at the end of the rail?

This exact scenario happened again in Mid Valley Megamall, and the aftermath was captured on video, once again reminding everyone to be cautious when using escalators.

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Unable to extract it

According to the video captured by an on-site witness and later posted on XiaoHongShu, a Croc was seen stuck on the edge of an escalator, with its front part completely wedged into the gap.

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Crocs stuck in escalator
Image via XHS/奶茶milk tea

When the recording begun, the escalator had been stopped, and a staff member was working to extract the shoe.

Int the video, despite attempting to retrieve it with various tools, the staff was unable to free the Croc as it was completely stuck.

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Staff having a hard time extracting the shoe
Image via XHS/奶茶milk tea

“Not the first time.”

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the witness shared that the incident took place on June 5th around 4:15 pm in Mid Valley Megamall.

She mentioned that although it happened in front of her, she only saw the Crocs, and the victim was nowhere to be found.

“The mall staff arrived swiftly and told us that the victim was lucky to get away unharmed and that this has happened quite a few times,” she said.

She also mentioned that according to the staff, they have already installed notices around the escalator specifically asking people with this kind of shoes to be aware.

Caution sign for crocs wearer
Image via XHS/奶茶milk tea

Netizens’ reaction

Most of the netizens pointed out that this is mainly a behavioral issue, as we should be aware of the escalator edge and be ready to step off.

“Why didn’t you lift your feet when you got there? Understandable if one got stuck, but both of them got stuck. What on earth is that person doing?”

Why dont they just lift their leg
Image via XHS/奶茶milk tea

However, some netizens also mentioned that Crocs shoes always seem to be the victims of escalators and questioned the reasoning behind it.

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“When I was young, during the time when Crocs were popular, incidents like this happened frequently. There were always news reports or school notifications saying not to let children wear Crocs on escalators to prevent accidents.”

A lot of case when crocs was super trendy
Image via XHS/奶茶milk tea

“Honestly, I don’t understand why flip-flops have a lower risk of getting caught, but there are so many cases with fully enclosed Crocs. What’s the reason behind this?”

Crocs always fall victim
Image via XHS/奶茶milk tea

Watch the full video here:

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