Cow Escapes During Hari Raya Haji, Knocks Girl Off Her Feet While Running Away

The woman was sent to hospital for further treatment.
A cow intended for slaughter escaped during a Hari Raya Haji celebration, causing chaos and injuring a Malay woman.

According to a video posted on TikTok, the incident occurred when the cow broke free and ran wildly amidst a crowd of onlookers.

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Cow roaming free
Image via TikTok/brrloser

Cow breaks free and runs wildly

The video captures the scene as the cow, under the watchful eyes of onlookers, breaks free and runs wildly.

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A Malay woman, startled by the sudden commotion, tries to flee but becomes the target of the agitated animal.

The cow charges at her, knocking her to the ground with considerable force.

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The video shows the woman being thrown by the impact and lying on the ground before another individual helps her up.

Cow hit girl
Image via TikTok/brrloser

Woman taken to hospital

Meanwhile, the cow continues its escape after causing the incident.

The uploader of the video later commented that the woman was taken to the hospital for further treatment.

However, the video uploader did not disclose the time and location of the incident.

Watch the full video here:

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