2 Cows Spotted Strolling On LDP, Causing Congestion On the Highway

A Myvi was damaged too.
Upon Aidiladha, the day cows are sacrificed to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience to God, two cows were spotted on the highway, suspected to be escaping.

The unusual incident took place yesterday morning (16 June), two cows were caught wandering on the Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP) by road users.

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Cow on congested highway
Screenshot via FB/ Kamarul Arifin

Several videos and photos circulating online show the two animals running along the highway around Kelana Jaya towards Puchong, causing chaos among the vehicles.

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In a 14-second video recorded by a car driver, two cows were seen moving through a congested traffic lane.

A post on Facebook also showed the cows crossing the road divider and colliding with a vehicle, causing further disruptions.

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Unfortunately, a Perodua Myvi car reportedly sustained minor damage after colliding with one of the cows.

Myvi hit by cow
Photo via FB/ Hyzal Malakoff

Petaling Jaya District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Shahrulnizam Jaafar, confirmed to Harian Metro that no police reports had been filed regarding the incident.

He mentioned that his team is currently investigating the matter to determine whether the cows were sacrificial animals for the Aidiladha celebration or if they had escaped from their owner.

As the investigation continues, the authorities are urging the public to report any similar incidents to help ensure road safety and prevent further disruptions.

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