‘Cook It Yourself Then!’ – M’sian Slams Customer Who Complained About RM10 Laksa Johor Being Too Pricey

The customer instead asked for RM5 per serving.
A vendor took to social media to share an incident where a customer requested Laksa Johor for 5 Ringgit per serving after initially being quoted 10 Ringgit per serving.

The exchange sparked considerable debate about the pricing of traditional dishes and the labour involved in their preparation.

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“Too expensive!”

From the post published on Facebook, the conversation started with the customer’s enquiry about the price.

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The vendor offered 3 family sets for RM150, effectively setting the price at RM10 per serving.

The customer balked at the cost, citing a budget of only RM5 per person and questioning if the Laksa could be obtained at this lower rate.

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Despite the customer’s protest that the asking price was steep and hinting at an excessive markup, the vendor stood firm, stating the quoted RM150 was the selling price.

The vendor responded with a touch of humour to the customer’s query about the profit margin, suggesting that lower prices would not lead to rapid wealth accumulation, and reiterated the apology for the inconvenience.

Conversation of the johor laksa
Photo via FB/Rusyainie Ramli

Laksa Johor

The vendor explained that Laksa Johor, a dish rich in heritage and complexity, requires premium ingredients such as Spanish mackerel and a blend of Malay and Western cooking techniques.

The labour-intensive preparation involves making a rich, flavorful broth and using spaghetti instead of traditional yellow noodles, elevating the dish beyond ordinary Laksa.

The customer’s request to halve the price highlighted a common disconnect between consumer expectations and the realities of culinary craftsmanship.

By sharing the dialogue on social media, the vendor aimed to highlight the meticulous effort and costs involved in preparing authenticLaksa Johor.

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Widespread discussion

This sparked a wider discussion on respecting and valuing the intricate processes and cultural significance of traditional foods.

As the conversation unfolded online, many netizens sided with the vendor, emphasizing that quality and authenticity in traditional cuisine warrant fair pricing.

They argued that the craft of making Laksa Johor, like many other traditional dishes, involves not just the cost of ingredients but also the preservation of a cultural legacy.

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