Communications Minister Denies Threatening TikTok Viewers, Says It Was Meant For Those Who Misuse Platform

Minister clarifies intention behind ending TikTok Live event amid controversy.

A video clip circulating online allegedly shows Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil abruptly ending a TikTok Live event last night, in which user @/lokkohopunohreturn recorded him threatening viewers with police action after they posted critical comments about the government.

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Fahmi had been hosting the event for two hours when he seemingly reached a breaking point, overwhelmed by the flood of mocking comments and inquiries regarding the government’s policies.

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‘’To all those who joined my live stream, please be aware that authorities are monitoring you.”

Fahmi informed the viewers, suggesting that those who made “statements like this” were under surveillance.

‘’Don’t be upset if you receive a call later or if a radio car stops by your house. We’re monitoring, behave yourself.’’

Denial of threats and clarification on acting within the law

Despite the controversial video, Fahmi denies ever threatening his TikTok viewers with police action for criticizing himself or the government.

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According to FMT, his intention was simply to discourage the use of provocative remarks involving race, religion, and royalty (3R).

‘’With regards to 3R, everything I have said remains the same. It’s the same thing that (home minister) Saifuddin Nasution Ismail has said. I gave a reminder to everyone not to post incendiary 3R comments.’’

Fahmi further explained that during his TikTok live events, it is common for comments to touch upon 3R issues, and he has consistently urged social media users not to exploit these sensitive topics for political purposes.

“When I’m doing my TikTok live at events, often the comments people make touch on 3R. I’ve said this in many places that social media users should not use 3R for political purposes,” Fahmi elaborated

He further emphasised that the report misrepresented his statements and that he had acted in accordance with the law by cautioning individuals who were making provocative comments during his live session.

In a previous statement made in March, he had expressed that potential amendments to the Communications and Multimedia Act 1988 (Act 588) and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Act 1988 (Act 589) could potentially address concerns associated with 3R.

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