Clip Showing S’porean Duo Filling Petrol At JB Was For Go-Kart And Not A Car, Say Police

A misunderstanding.

An incident at a petrol station in Sunway Box, Iskandar Puteri involving two Singaporean individuals and a local food delivery rider has sparked considerable attention on social media.

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The heated altercation, captured on camera on the evening of June 16, revolved around the alleged filling of petrol into barrels.

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Clip showing s'porean duo filling petrol at jb was for go-kart and not a car, say police | weirdkaya
Screenshot via TikTok

In a statement, the Iskandar Puteri District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Rahmat Ariffin, confirmed that their investigation into the widely shared video concluded that the confrontation took place at precisely 8.37 p.m.

A misunderstanding between both parties

Assistant Commissioner Rahmat stated that the delivery worker raised objections to the Singaporean man who appeared to be filling fuel into barrels.

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This action, however, according to the Singaporean man, was misconstrued. The fuel, he claimed, was meant for his go-kart, not his vehicle, according to Sinar Harian.

The statement from the police chief revealed that the disagreement erupted even before the fuel filling commenced. The delivery rider, sensing a potential violation, confronted the Singaporean men which led to the ensuing argument.

Interestingly, Assistant Commissioner Rahmat mentioned that the delivery worker initially lodged a formal complaint about the incident but later withdrew it.

The scene of this controversial incident was earlier captured in a 1 minute 40-second video clip, rapidly disseminated across social platforms.

The recording shows an argument between the Singaporean men and the delivery rider at the petrol station. The altercation, lasting nearly 10 minutes, was eventually diffused by the intervention of two auxiliary police officers present at the location.

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