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Chinese man goes viral online for having the same looks as Elon Musk

Still Elon but with a Chinese accent.

A clip showing a Chinese man who bore an uncanny resemblance with Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk has gone viral on the internet, with many surprised to find a near-cloned version of Elon himself.

‘Wanna go for a ride?’

In the video reposted on KL娱乐站, we can see that the ‘Chinese Elon Musk’ is standing behind the car door and asked if anyone was up for a ride.

Chinese man goes viral online for having the same looks as elon musk | weirdkaya
Screengrab via Facebook

The man’s appearance, body frame, and even manner of speech was frighteningly similar to that of Elon’s, leaving many to wonder whether was he indeed the entrepreneur’s long lost twin.

Video via Facebook

While the video is believed to have been posted on Douyin, WeirdKaya is still making effort in tracking down the original footage.

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Same but different?

The video has since received over 1.1k shares and 500 likes at press time, with many shocked to find a close facial resemblance between the man and Elon.

However, some were skeptical of the video’s authenticity, claiming that it was a deepfake video and that Elon’s face had been superimposed.

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