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China Woman Steals Box Of Durian & Wolfs It Down Inside Toilet Within 3 Minutes

Still tastes like heaven no matter where you eat it.

While Malaysians are no doubt the biggest durian fans on earth, there has been no reports of them stealing the pungent fruit and finding an inconspicuous corner to feast away (yet).

However, one woman in China couldn’t resist the allure of the King of Fruits that she had to steal a box of durians before sneaking off to the toilet to eat it.

Stole box of durian worth RM66

In a 58-second clip on Weibo, the woman had visited a supermarket in a city named Jieyang in the district of Guangdong on Tuesday (July 26).

After mulling around in the store for a while, the woman quietly took a box of durians worth RMB100 (RM66.07) from the shelves.

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She then looked around to ensure no one was looking before slipping into the toilet.

Video via Sina

Three minutes later, she emerged from the toilet without the box and was seen wiping her lips with her hand.

While standing outside of the toilet, the woman suddenly began searching her pockets frantically before walking out of the store.

Video via Sina

Apparently, she had accidentally dropped a RMB10 (RM6.60) note in the toilet and was too afraid to pick it back as it might expose her deed.

Store workers discover stinky truth

The woman’s sneaky deed wasn’t discovered until cleaners went to clean the toilet, where they found the box and durian seeds.

According to 8World, the store manager declined to lodge a police report.

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“She finished the entire box in three minutes, I’m really scared that she will choke,” she added.

The store manager also said she hopes the woman will show remorse for her actions as she was still young.

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Cover image via Weibo