China Tourist Cries Non-Stop After Seeing Pigeons, Says She’ll Never Visit SG Again

She had a phobia of birds, which is known as orinthophobia.
There are people who have the strangest kinds of fears and would scream or become hysterical whenever they come near animals or objects that strikes uncontrollable fear in them.

One tourist from China was left visibly shaken and couldn’t stop crying after she came up and close with the one thing that she feared the most: pigeons.

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China tourist cries non-stop after seeing pigeons in S’pore

In a clip uploaded by the woman on Xiaohongshu on Monday (Apr 15), her eyes were visibly red and swollen from crying copiously.

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China tourist spots pigeon at her table in sg
Screenshot via XHS

It turned out that the reason for her crying was caused by a pigeon that was spotted walking underneath her table at the Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore.

I felt like dying when the pigeon came close to me and couldn’t take it when it chased after me. This isn’t a food court. It’s a giant pigeon breeding ground!

“Ever since I was able to remember things, I don’t understand why I’m so afraid of them. I’ve tried to conquer my fear, but now the best I can do is to watch some sparrows from a distance,” she tearfully explained.

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China tourist says she only watches sparrows from afar
Screenshot via XHS

Towards the end of the clip, the woman said that those had a fear of birds like her should avoid two places at all costs: zoos and Singapore.

Responds to criticism from netizens

Unfortunately, the woman didn’t exactly find much sympathy from netizens, who accused her of blowing her fears out of proportion.

China tourist cries non-stop after seeing pigeons, says she'll never visit sg again comment 1
Screenshot via XHS
China tourist cries non-stop after seeing pigeons, says she'll never visit sg again comment 2
Screenshot via XHS

Some also hit out at her for tarnishing Singapore’s reputation with her video, saying that it wasn’t the only country to have large numbers of pigeons.

China tourist cries non-stop after seeing pigeons, says she'll never visit sg again comment 3
Screenshot via XHS

Following the negative comments, the woman made a follow-up post providing more light on the clip.

In the post, she clarified that she sees Singapore as a “very beautiful city” but insisted that those with a bird phobia shouldn’t pay the country a visit.

“I’m aware that many aren’t able to understand my situation, but please don’t read too much into what I said as I had no intention of painting Singapore in a bad light.

China tourist say she'll never return to sg
Screenshot via XHS

“If I knew beforehand about Singapore’s urban environment, I’d definitely have changed my travel plans,” she said.

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Do you know of anyone who has similar fears? Share with us in the comments!


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