China Student Touched By M’sians Who Helped Move Her Car That Got Stuck Inside A Drain During Raya

"I see Malaysia as my second home."
An international student was touched by the kind-hearted Malays as almost every passerby stopped to help her when her car got stuck at the roadside during the first day of Hari Raya.

In a heartfelt DouYin video, Koko, a Chinese student in Malaysia, recounted how her car got stuck in a drain while passing by a traditional Malay kampung on April 10 during a visit to her teacher.

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“My two friends and I, all female, had no idea what to do in the situation.” She shared.

Car stuck in drain

Help Arrived Promptly

Without having to wait long, the locals quickly showed up to lend help.

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Koko shared that every passerby stopped to lend a helping hand, even amid their Raya celebrations.

Everyone stopped to help

“Some of them came down from cars, others from motorcycles; all of them stopped and tried to help.”

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“Nobody simply passed by or went about their day; instead, they collectively focused on providing help where it was needed.” Koko said.

Some of the locals helped Koko to lift her car, others helped to manage the traffic to avoid traffic jams and accident.

“My second home”

Koko explained that she knew Malaysia is a country with amazing people, always ready to help.

“But Malaysians never cease to surprise me with their kind hearts.”

“I truly love this country and consider it my second home,” Koko said.

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