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China Model Gains 35kg After BF Says He Prefers Chubbier Women But Gets Dumped In The End

She lost both her job and her boyfriend now.

Love makes you do crazy things, and as time goes by, you tend to be blinded by it. A woman in China went overboard to make her boyfriend happy which took a bad turn in the end.

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A model in China, Zeng decided to gain 35 kgs in a month due to her boyfriend being supportive about it and hinting that he actually prefers a chubby woman.

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Moreover, the boyfriend, named Wei promised her that he will indeed marry her.

Putting so much trust on her boyfriend, she also decided to gain 35 kgs in a month.

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Dumped her after she gained weight

Soon after, the boyfriend decided to dump her with the excuse that he wants and likes freedom.

After the video of her confession was posted on Ruimu Video on Weibo during Oct 9th, it went viral and garnered around 500 million views in just a week.

“He promised me that he will marry me”

In the video, Zeng provided some screenshot of her ex boyfriend saying that she doesn’t have to be 100 kgs but 65 or 75 kgs would be perfect.

The conversation were the proof that Wei did mention that his exes were indeed quite chubby therefore he likes it.

Zeng was 50 kgs when she met Wei. After they started dating, he told Zeng to feel free to eat as much as possible.

Having doubts that he maybe obsessed with chubby girls, Zeng decided to ask him “Do you like chubby girls or me?”.

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Screenshot of a man in china telling his girlfriend that he would prefer a chubby her
Screenshot via Weibo

Wei decided to be polite and answer that he would prefer a chubby her. Moreover, he also asked why she finds it hard to believe him.

A photo of the china model chubby
Screenshot via Weibo

Understanding that, being chubbier would keep the relationship happy, Zeng decided to do it despite being aware of the consequences that comes with it.

Left with no job and no boyfriend

Gaining the weight, meant that she will have to be jobless as a slimmer body is often the main part of being a model.

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Not only did she gain weight in a month, she also did have some health issues that came with it.

Picture of her giving an interview where she looks skinnier
Screenshot via Weibo

In the WeChat screenshots, he asked her to find a good man and live her life to the fullest.

He also labelled himself as “unstable” and asked her to find someone that is actually stable.

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Being confused of the meaning behind the stability he meant, she decided to ask him what he meant. His reply was ” I meant finding someone who wouldn’t leave you.”

Adding on to his reasons why he broke up with her, he also expressed that he likes freedom and that is why he decided to leave her.


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