China Man Thinks He Found Beef Tripe In Hotpot, Turns Out It Was A Used Dishcloth

Health red flag.

One man in China had a rude dining experience after he found a piece of used dishcloth which he mistook as beef tripe.

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Ordered takeaway hotpot

According to  Chinese media Hong Xing Xin Wen via Baidu, the man surnamed Ning placed an order for two hotpots for himself and five other colleagues while working overtime.

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Upon receiving his order, Ning noticed that both soups were different in colour, where one was darker while the other was lighter.

However, he didn’t think too much about it and proceeded to enjoy his meal.

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Mistook used dishcloth for beef tripe

Halfway through his meal, Ning picked up what seemed to be a piece of beef tripe, which is a common hotpot ingredient.

Noticing that it was unusually large, he suggested tearing it into smaller pieces. To his horror, he realised that the beef tripe was actually a used dishcloth!

Upon the disgusting discovery, two of Ning’s female coworkers immediately began vomiting.

Restaurant admits mistake, fires staff

Ning immediately called the restaurant and demanded an explanation for what was a potential health hazard.

The restaurant initially offered him a compensation three times of the bill amount but he refused, saying that “my only demand is that the government intervene and investigate.”

SCMP later reported that the restaurant’s manager claimed that the blunder was committed by a junior staff, a 19-year-old who had just started working there and was having a fever while making the dish.

The staff has since been fired and the restaurant was closed for further inspection.

Gross! What other disgusting “ingredients” have you found in your food? Let us know in the comments!

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