China Netizens Claim Michelle Yeoh Is Country’s “First Actress” To Win An Oscar

Getting claimed everywhere by everyone all at once.
Ever since Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh won an Oscar for Best Actress in her role as Evelyn Wang in ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’, multiple countries having been claiming her as their own.

While it’s a fact that Yeoh is a born and bred Malaysian, it didn’t stop netizens in China to claim her as their homegrown success at the international stage.

Michelle Yeoh “first Chinese actress” to win Oscars

According to UDN.com, it reported that once news of Yeoh’s Oscars win broke, Chinese netizens wasted no time in declaring that she was the “first Chinese actress” to win the award.

China netizens claim michelle yeoh is country's
Photo via HK01

On the other hand, some netizens were more cognizant of Yeoh’s roots and reminded the rest not to claim her as China’s as she was born in Malaysia.

Was previously ‘claimed’ by HK

Back in January, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung congratulated Yeoh for winning the Golden Globes for the film and said that she was a successful example of a “Hong Kong actress”, much to the annoyance of Malaysians.

Not wanting to repeat the same mistake, HK actor Chapman To took to Facebook to gently “remind” the government not to say that Yeoh was a Hongkonger following her Oscars win.

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