Chef Wan Diagnosed With Lymphoma Cancer, Will Undergo Chemo For 13 Weeks

Speedy recovery.
One of the most famous and recognisable chefs in Malaysia is none other than Datuk Redzuawan bin Ismail, fondly known as Chef Wan to his thousands of fans who follow him on social media for mouthwatering recipes.

However, it was recently revealed in a bombshell Instagram post that the celebrity chef has been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, much to the shock of Malaysians.

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Chef Wan reveals he has lymphoma cancer

In the post which was uploaded yesterday (Aug 3), Chef Wan said he had an electrocardiogram (ECG) test and was told about the results of the biopsy done on his lymph nodes, where it was confirmed that he had lymphoma cancer.

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He said he was referred to an oncologist immediately, who briefed him on what he needs to do to combat the terminal disease.

“First thing will be to undergo a pet scan to see if the cancer has spread to other parts of my organ and finally determine what stage it is in.

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“Next Monday morning, I will also do a bone marrow test as lymphoma cancer is also linked to our bone marrow,” he wrote.

Thankfully, Chef Wan said that his chances of beating the disease currently stands between 70% to 80% as it was detected early.

He also said that he will be starting his chemo treatment, which will last for 13 weeks.

‘I accept the challenges with courage’

Despite the diagnosis, Chef Wan stayed cheerful and even joked about the different wigs that he could have when his hair starts to fall off as a result of the chemo treatment.

I accept all my challenges with an open heart and great courage. This is life…..you simply need to take things one at day at a time and in a positive way.

“I need to be strong and get well as I also need to look after so many people.
Insyallah, Allah will look after me,” he wrote.

In the comment section, there was an outpouring of support from netizens, who wished the 65-year-old celebrity chef a speedy recovery.

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Chef wan diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, will undergo chemo for 13 weeks comment 1
Screenshot via Instagram/@_chefwan58
Chef wan diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, will undergo chemo for 13 weeks comment 2
Screenshot via Instagram/@_chefwan58

Read the post here:

We wish Chef Wan a smooth and speedy recovery and that his treatment will go well!


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