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‘Chocolate From Heaven’ — M’sian Man Gets Pooped On By Monkeys While Cycling

Bombs away.
Monkeys are one of the naughtiest animals and often known for their funny interactions with humans. However, what are the odds that they would rain down their poop on you?

This was what happened to a man named Mus who earned himself the moniker of ‘Monkey Man’ thanks to his many videos showing him interacting with these cheeky creatures on TikTok.

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M’sian man gets pooped on by monkeys while cycling

According to a 10-second TikTok video posted by Mus on Nov 12, it showed a group of monkeys hanging out on several electrical wires as he cycled right underneath them.

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Monkeys on the cable waiting to poop on a msian man's head
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

Unfortunately, one of the monkeys decided it was time to let the ‘floodgates’ open and released its faeces right on Mus. As a result, Mus’ hand and leg were smeared with monkey poop, much to his disgust.

Monkey poop on man's hand
Photo provided to WeirdKaya

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Mus explained that at that moment, he wanted to scream his lungs out but chose to remain silent as he didn’t want to irritate the neighbors or cause a scene.

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When asked how he deals with such a large group of monkeys, Mus said that he has gained much experience doing so during his years living in Batu Caves, adding that it’s quite common for residents alongside the monkeys.

Netizens burst out laughing

The clip has since gained 2.8 million views at the time of writing and left netizens in stitches over Mus’ unfortunate encounter with the monkeys.

One hilariously compared the monkey poop to pistachio sauce.

'chocolate from heaven' — m'sian man gets pooped on by monkeys while cycling comment 1
Screenshot via TikTok/@saudagarlotong

Another jokingly wrote that he was in the middle of eating the satay peanut sauce when he saw the clip and we have to say…the resemblance is a bit uncanny.

'chocolate from heaven' — m'sian man gets pooped on by monkeys while cycling comment 2
Screenshot via TikTok/@saudagarlotong

Watch the video here:

@saudagarlotong Azlee pernah berkata. Rupanya betul kau PREK aku ! BOTAK !!!! AKU INGAT KAU SAMPAI BILA BILA ! #botakcomel #lotongjugakbaik #saudagarlotong #fyp ♬ original sound – Saudagar Lotong


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