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Cat Pretends To Be Dead In Order To Avoid Getting Attacked By Other Cats

Smart move!
Cats have long been admired for their adorable demeanour, but a recent TikTok video by user Aziah Redzwan showcases just how clever and sly these furry companions can be.

The one-minute-and-six-second clip, which has already amassed over 600k views, captures a cat’s quick thinking in a playful situation.

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Chillin’ on the grass, but not how you’d expect

The video kicks off with one cat lounging on the grass, seemingly at ease.

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Cat lounging on the grass with eyes opened
Screenshot via TikTok/@aziah.redzwan

However, this is no ordinary lounging – the cat strategically freezes, eyes wide open and breathing normally.

The reason? Another feline friend is eyeing it curiously, and, in a surprising twist, ‘attacks’ the motionless cat.

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The art of playing dead

As the video unfolds, Aziah Redzwan approaches her cat, named Yin, who remains motionless on the ground.

Cat lounging on the grass with eyes opened with other person touching its paws
Screenshot via TikTok/@aziah.redzwan

Yin, with a keen awareness, stares attentively at Aziah. The clever tactic becomes apparent as another cat approaches Yin to check if it’s still alive.

It was not that serious

In an interview with WeirdKaya, Aziah revealed that the incident occurred near her house and clarified that Yin was not actually under attack. Instead, it was all part of a playful banter among the feline companions.

Cats in a cage
Provided to WeirdKaya

Aziah expressed initial concern for Yin’s well-being, fearing her cat might be injured or worse.

However, upon closer inspection, she found relief in the fact that Yin’s eyes were still moving, indicating that the clever act was just a ruse to avoid further playfulness.

Cat in a stroller
Provided to WeirdKaya

Describing Yin’s personality, Aziah shared, “Yin is like that, very silly and loves to be spoiled.” Despite the dramatic freeze, Yin resumed normal cat activities after the playful act, walking and playing with other feline friends.

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‘I’m acting right now’

The comments section of the TikTok video is buzzing with excitement over the cat’s intelligence and adorable antics.

Netizen comment
Screenshot via TikTok/@aziah.redzwan

One viewer remarked, “I’d rather focus on cats and entertain them 24 hours than on people.”

Another commented, “Cat: Please don’t disturb, I’m acting right now.”

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Well, well, well, told you, cats are cute but don’t be fooled by their appearance!

You can watch the full clip here:


Keras dah. Buat-buat mati, tapi mata bergerak 🤣 #kucinglucu #cattiktok #funnycat

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