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M’sian Man Playfully Nibbles Cat Which Tried To Have A Bite Of His Meal

You bite my meal, I bite you back :')
In the quest for a peaceful meal, we often envision a serene setting – just us and our food, ready to indulge without any disruptions.

However, a recent viral video on TikTok, posted by user @nikmkmn, also known as Ash, hilariously depicts what happens to his friend, Hafiz, when this culinary utopia is disrupted.

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Peaceful meal, at first…

In a 20-second video that has already racked up a whopping 35k views, can be seen attempting to enjoy a tranquil meal at a cafeteria.

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M'sian student having a meal accompanied by black cat
Screenshot via TikTok/ @nikmkmn

Everything seems normal until a surprise guest, in the form of an adventurous feline, decides to leap onto the table, turning Hafiz’s peaceful feast into a full-blown feline feast.

M'sian student having a meal accompanied by 2 cats
Screenshot via TikTok/ @nikmkmn

As if that wasn’t enough, Hafiz’s well-behaved black cat, previously content with a gentle petting, suddenly catches the foodie bug and joins the culinary chaos.

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What follows is a hilarious struggle for the coveted plate, with the black cat refusing to back down from its quest for a bite of Hafiz’s delicious meal.

The playful ‘bite’ at the end

Surprisingly, the new cat guest isn’t too interested in the meal and bounces off the table. But Hafiz’s black cat? Nope, it’s on a mission for a bite.

M'sian man nibbles black cat
Screenshot via TikTok/ @nikmkmn

In an attempt to restore order, Hafiz reaches out to the food-focused feline but ends up playfully nibbling on his black cat instead.

A man smiling
Screenshot via TikTok/ @nikmkmn

Meanwhile, a guy behind Hafiz watches the whole comedy unfold with a big grin.

Speaking exclusively to WeirdKaya, it turns out this cute incident unfolded at Kolej Perindu, UiTM Shah Alam.

When asked what happened next after his friend Hafiz nibbled the black cat, Ash revealed, “Basically, what happened next was that the black cat kept fighting for the food.”

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Ash also revealed that these mischievous cats were actually twins.

‘Not him “munching” the cat’

The comment section is buzzing with laughter as viewers revel in the unexpected hilarity.

Netizen comment
Screenshot via TikTok/ @nikmkmn

One user wrote, “Not him ‘munching’ the cat,” while another suggested, “The guy at the back should help him.”

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A third commenter chimed in, “The guy behind him didn’t want to help him, did he?”

What do you think of this cute incident? Let us know in the comments!

You can watch the full clip here:

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