Caretaker Allegedly Scolds And Hits Old Man With A Stick At Kedah Nursing Home

Kulim Police is currently investigating.
In a distressing video on social media, a caretaker is accused of physically abusing an elderly resident with a wooden stick in a nursing home, prompting a police investigation.

The case came to light after a Facebook user, David Marshel, posted a 58-second video late last night, alleging the abuse occurred within the Desa Aman nursing home in Batu Pahat.

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Conflict between the caretaker and the oldman
Image via FB/David Marshel

The unfolding of the incident

The video shows a dark-skinned woman, speaking in Tamil, dragging a plastic chair towards the door where an elderly man stood outside.

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At the 11-second mark, the woman is seen pushing the elderly man outside.

Following this, cries and Tamil-speaking voices are heard, believed to be attempts to intervene.

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Caretaker with a stick
Image via FB/David Marshel

The situation escalates when the woman reappears with a wooden stick in her hand, stepping outside and seemingly striking an object, accompanied by the sound of whacks and a man’s screams.

A subsequent shot shows a man rolling under a screen.

Man rolling on the floor
Image via FB/David Marshel

Other members might also be mistreated

David Marshel expressed concerns that many other residents at the centre might be subjected to similar mistreatment, urging the Welfare Department to monitor and ensure that all caregiving institutions adhere to standard operating procedures.

Kulim Police Chief, MohamadAzizul confirmed the reception of a complaint regarding the alleged abuse at the care centre, reporting that the police detained a 44-year-old male proprietor and a 36-year-old female caregiver for investigation.

Four videos circulating on social media triggered the police action, which began after they received a report at 3:50 PM yesterday from a woman alleging that a male resident was beaten with a wooden stick.

The ongoing investigation aims to determine if other residents have been victims of similar abuse.

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The suspects could face up to 10 years in prison, fines, or caning if convicted under Section 324 of the Penal Code, which concerns assault with dangerous weapons.

Watch the full video here:

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