“We got no help at all!” Brave mak cik confronts minister in the face over slow arrival of aid

"This is common sense kan, Tan Sri?"

HULU LANGAT – As floodwater rises, the government was nowhere in sight. A video of a flood survivor mak cik went viral yesterday (21 Dec) as she bravely confronted cabinet minister Tan Sri Noh Omar.

She questioned him on the government’s delayed response to dispatch help despite multiple calls to the government agencies.

The Hulu Langat Mak cik said that she tried reaching out to units like the Police, City Council, Fire and Rescue Team, Civil Department (JPAM), militaries and even official media like TV3.

“I did that just to seek help for the 30 people trapped in their houses, but none turned up.”

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Photo via Twitter

Under the government’s neglect, foreigners answered their plea for help.

“Three Indonesian citizens came in a sampan to rescue children who were stranded on a rooftop. They were the ones who helped us.”

Mak cik also questioned the Tan Sri why government agencies only showed up when the water level subsided.

“No one from the government turned up at the most critical moment when the water level reaches the roof.”

She mentioned JPAM as an exception but pointed out that their aid was inadequate.

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“As far as I know, JPAM only allocated three boats for the whole Hulu Langat area. Of course, it is not enough to save all the families affected here (Hulu Langat). This is common sense! Ya, Tan Sri?”

Mak cik continued, asking about the absence of the army. She brought up that she was a previous flood victim back in the record-setting flood of 2014 in Kelantan.

Though the flood was only thigh-high, the army was already dispatched to help victims.

“It was a critical situation on Sunday, no government agency helped us.”

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Netizens salute Mak Cik

The video gained attraction on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

Many agreed with Mak cik, criticising the government for its inadequacy.

Photo via Twitter/ @zunarkatunis

Others applaud her for being composed and respectful despite the disappointment.

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Photo via Reddit
Photo via Twitter/ @zunarkatunis

Netizens were impressed by her being calm and logical while venting her struggles and frustrations.

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Photo via Twitter/ @zunarkatunis

You can watch it here.

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