S’porean Man’s BMW Window Shattered In Less Than 1 Hour After Car Was Parked In JB

During the weekends or holiday period, Singaporeans would often cross over the Causeway to spend time and money in Johor Bahru (JB).

Unfortunately, not every visit is a pleasant one as some have fallen victim to break-ins and robberies while visiting JB, just as one Singaporean man experienced recently.

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S’porean finds BMW window shattered while in JB

In a close to one-minute clip uploaded to TikTok on Tuesday (Apr 2), it showed the man recounting what had happened to his BMW 218i Gran Coupe while visiting the Pandan City Wholesale Market near the parking lot with his family.

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Bmw window gets completely shattered
Screenshot via TikTok/@whatever4193

He added that he had gone there at around 12:45am and got back to his car at 1.20am, where he was met with the horrifying aftermath.

As seen in the clip, countless glass shards were scattered all over the ground after the window on the driver’s side was completely destroyed.

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A large chunk of the glass window was also found ditched on the ground.

Large piece of glass window on the ground
Screenshot via TikTok/@whatever4193

In the clip, the man could be heard saying, “We Singaporeans come all the way to support but look what happened to my car. If you can make this video viral, please do so.”

He later replied to a comment saying that a police report has been lodged at the  Larkin and Majidee police stations.

Bag of belongings gone missing

While the man claimed in the video that nothing was left inside the car, The Straits Times reported otherwise, writing that a crane operating licence, cash amounting to RM100, a smartwatch, and a bunch of house keys had gone missing.

Speaking to the English daily, the man who wanted to be known as Rino, said he went to the Pandan City Wholesale Market to buy clothes, adding this was the first time he experienced a break-in in his 20 years of visiting JB.

Parking lot at pandan city wholesale market
Screenshot via TikTok/@whatever4193

Despite the unfortunate incident, Rino said he still plans to head over to JB for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, adding that the cost of replacing the window would be around S$500 (approx. RM1,700).

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He also warned other drivers to be careful when visiting the Pandan district.

Break-ins rife in the area

Rino’s clip has since garnered over 220,000 views and thousands of comments from netizens who were shocked by the incident.

One apologised on behalf of all Johorians, saying that Singaporean-registered cars aren’t the sole target but local cars as well.

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S'porean man's bmw window shattered in less than 1 hour after car was parked in jb comment 1
Screenshot via TikTok/@whatever4193

Another said that the Pandan area was inundated with foreigners and that Johorians would usually not visit the Pandan City Wholesale Market.

S'porean man's bmw window shattered in less than 1 hour after car was parked in jb comment 2
Screenshot via TikTok/@whatever4193

Watch the clip here:


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This isn’t the first time Singaporeans found their vehicles damaged while visiting JB:

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