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BJAK Clarifies Road Tax Renewal Services Are Optional and Free Following JPJ Remarks

Optional and free.
In light of recent clarifications from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) indicating that BJAK Sdn Bhd (BJAK) lacks official authorization from the department or the Ministry of Transport (MOT) to provide road tax renewal services in Malaysia, BJAK has issued a statement to address the matter.

The company distinguishes itself from other platforms by offering these insurance renewal services free of charge, contrary to the typical charges of RM3 to RM11 imposed elsewhere.

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Additionally, BJAK states that it has historically covered all charges related to JPJ’s official suppliers on behalf of its customers.

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As part of its customer-first approach, BJAK now provides its road tax renewal service without any additional fees, aiming to streamline and economize the renewal process for its customers.

In response to the issues highlighted by JPJ, BJAK commits to addressing any customer inquiries or feedback promptly, with a goal of same-day resolution.

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BJAK also noted that its campaign offering free road tax renewals stems from a private initiative designed to enhance customer satisfaction and is not associated with any governmental directives.


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